बिनतारी संदेश विभाग

Officers and Police employees are deployed in Wireless Section of Akola. They perform all responsible tasks including important wireless communications, technical enhancement and other related work. Directorate of Police Wireless was created in December 1946 in the erstwhile Bombay State. Prior to its creation, the State Police was completely dependent upon telegraph for transmission of urgent messages.


अनु क्रमांक Rank Sanction Strenght
1 Police Inspector (Engg.) 1
2 Police Sub-Inspector (Engg.) 1
3 Police sub-Inspector (Traffic.) 1
4 Radio Machanic/ASI 9
5 Head Wireless Operator/ASI 3
6 Wireless Operator/HC 10
7 Electrion/HC 1
8 Mast Lasker/HC 1
9 Workshop Hand/PC 5


1. To Provide Wireless Communication to all Police Stations and Control Room 24 X 7 HOURS.

2. To Transmit Important Wireless messages to State Control, Other District and Receive messages from State Control and Delever it immidiate to Senior Police Officer, Police Station and all Periticular Branches for the necessary action.

3. To Provide Anti-Sobatage Checking enquipment for various VIP/VVIP Bandobasta. HHMD, DFMD etc.

4. To Provide Voice Communication to all officers, Police Stations and Distric control room to State control room through V-SAT.

5. To maintain all wireless, RF-Fax, V-SAT equipment to be in good condition.